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Jeranek Chiropractic Treats Auto Accident Injuries

Auto Accident Treatment in kenosha is needed after a car crash

Being involved in an automobile accident is an extremely terrifying and overwhelming experience. One minute everything is fine, and the next minute you are involved in a serious collision and seeking auto accident treatment for your lower back pain, neck pain and/or whiplash. Following an accident, it is it essential that you know how to proceed with treating your injuries. Visiting Dr. Janet  Jeranek, a Chiropractor in Kenosha for prompt diagnosis and treatment of your injuries will help to reduce your recovery time and increase the benefits of your treatments.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

Woman with whiplash holds neck in pain

An auto accident can cause injuries to any part of your body. Some people may notice their pain or other symptoms immediately following the accident, while others may not notice the symptoms until days or even weeks after the accident occurred. Because the injuries may have a long-term effect on your health, comfort, and quality of life, it is essential that you seek auto accident treatment as soon as possible following your accident. 

Visiting Jeranek Family Chiropractic for a consultation about chiropractic treatment as soon as you notice symptoms is the best way to minimize the possible consequences of your injuries. Some of the most common injuries associated with auto accidents include:

  • Whiplash - which is the most common type of injury associated with automobile accidents. Whiplash can occur even in a low-speed collision, especially if you were rear-ended. The symptoms may include pain and stiffness in your neck, headaches, pain, stiffness and/or numbness in your shoulders, arms or upper and lower back.
  • Back injuries - such as fractured vertebrae, a herniated disc and lower back pain from sprains and strains are also a common consequence of auto accidents. Damage to your spine can lead to chronic back pain and even disability. Working with a Chiropractor in Kenosha is the best way to reduce the risk of lasting damage and to have effective relief of your back pain.

The first step towards being on the road to receiving auto accident treatment in order to recover from your injuries is to make an appointment with Jeranek Family Chiropractic. During your initial visit, your chiropractor may want to take x-rays to determine the extent of the injuries in your neck and/or spine. Keep in mind that you may not notice the symptoms of these types of injuries, so it is important to consider having an x-ray. If you are experiencing indicators of whiplash, such as headaches, blurred vision and neck and shoulder pain, it is important to not assume these symptoms are mild will go away on their own. Whiplash include muscle injuries, ligament problems, disc damage and resulting spinal misalignments.

What happens to your body during a car crash?

man is driving a car before an accident

Many changes happen to your body during a car crash in response to the dynamics of the car. Injuries occur in the first few seconds of the accident. The body is initially moving in a similar speed as the car, but after the impact, the car stops and your body continues in the same momentum. 

If the car is hit from behind the neck will be thrown backward in an equal force as the impact, and then it will be thrown in a forwards directions. This sudden forceful movement of the neck puts undue pressure on the neck muscles, tendons and ligaments causing a severe case of whiplash. Also, the disks on the spinal column may slip or experience trauma leading to disk herniation,

How do chiropractors treat Auto Accidents?

Doctor gives patient a spinal adjustment after an auto accident

Jeranek Family Chiropractic can help to speed up auto recovery in all areas of the body for accident survivors. Instead of stretching your budget on pain medication and surgeries, an experienced Auto Accident Doctor will pinpoint what is out of place in your body and help with healing.

There are many different objectives that chiropractors keep in mind as they treat auto accident injuries. The top three reasons can be found below.

  • Soft tissue injuries: Car accident survivors often escape with muscle sprain and soft tissue injuries like whiplash after a collision. These injuries as you know are hard to diagnose or detect with X-rays. A chiropractic Auto Accident Doctor reduces soft tissue injuries like whiplash through pressure healing and electric muscle stimulation.

  • Pain: Without the right treatment, soft tissue injuries from auto accidents can leave you dependent on pain medication for long. At Jeranek Family Chiropractic, we can help you overcome this pain through treatment techniques that reduce inflammation and enhance blood flow to the affected area. It is long term pain healing so you won't have to make future trips to refill your narcotic prescriptions.

  • Help with range of motion: An Auto Accident Doctor can help you to quickly get back on your feet after a car accident. The treatment helps to relieve stiffness and soreness through back rubs and postural training in standing, sitting and walking during auto-accident recovery. At Jeranek Family Chiropractic we work in close collaboration with medical doctors so you can expect all-around healing.

Benefits of chiropractic care for auto-accident recovery 

  • Non-intrusive: You don’t have to go through multiple surgeries for healing after a car crash. Chiropractic care can help with healing before things get out of hand with your injuries. Seeking chiropractic care early enough will save you a long time of agony and medical bills.

  • Less downtime: At Jeranek Family Chiropractic we not only spare you from unexpected medical bills, but we also put you on the fastest recovery track. The non-surgical healing ensures that you recoup fast with less downtime. 

  • No pain meds addiction: Whiplash injuries and other car crash complications might demand that an auto accident doctor puts you on a narcotics prescription for long. At Jaranek Family Chiropractic we provide pain relief with natural methods that address the underlying cause of pain so that you get a long term healing.

The importance of treating injuries early

After a car crash, you might be quick to address all the visible injuries, but what about the subtle ones? Whiplash which is a head and neck misalignment is a type of soft tissue injury whose symptoms come later on in life. Without whiplash treatment, you can expect a reduced scope of movement, blurry vision, pain, immobile neck, and sometimes memory loss. 

For faster auto-accident recovery, you need chiropractic care. It is the best treatment for pain, inflammation, and whiplash, and also helps to restore range of motion and prevent physical disability

Auto Injury FAQ

Woman holds Question Mark for Auto Accident FAQ

Learn more about auto accident injury treatment here with our FAQs for auto injury patients. We cover everything from how to select the right chiropractor to when to contact an auto accident injury doctor. Check out more with our auto injury FAQ by Jeranek Family Chiropractic. That way you can prepare for your appointment, whether it is your first visit to a chiropractor or your 100th.

What Type of Injuries are Sustained During an Auto Accident?

Woman holds her neck because she has whiplash after an auto accident

While you can sustain any type of auto injury accident, we treat musculoskeletal injuries. This includes nerve, spinal, muscular, and joint injuries. Some of the most common types of auto accident injuries we treat are neck pain, whiplash, lower back pain, herniated discs, slipped discs, shoulder pain, and nerve pain. We will also put your spine back into the proper alignment, as getting knocked out of alignment is a common result of the impact of a car accident.

These injuries are most often the result of that impact that happens during an auto accident. When your entire body is jerked so severely, it can cause the slightest of repositioning of your skeletal system. This can lead to pressure and swelling on surrounding tissue and nerve endings. As a result, you can suffer from everything from joint pain to sinus infections, as well whiplash and lower back pain.

Who Can Treat Auto Accident Injuries?

chiropractor gives patient an adjustment on his neck after an auto accident

A chiropractic doctor that is approved by the board of the doctors of chiropractic as a DCs is “among the most stringent of any of the health care professions” according to the American Chiropractic Association. A chiropractor is trained extensively in physician-level health care providers that are accepted by the Veterans Affairs, Department of Defense, and most federal level health care programs including all state workers’ comp programs. 

The training that a chiropractic doctor receives covers pre-med, physics, biology, psychology, and other academic courses of study. This allows chiropractors to provide medical diagnoses and offer treatment as healthcare practitioners who are certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. You can visit a chiropractor in Kenosha, WI for your auto accident injury doctor to receive medical treatment for your injuries.

Is Chiropractic Care an Effective Type of Auto Accident Injury Treatment?

Yes, chiropractic care as approved by the ACA is a safe form of drug-free and non-invasive treatments for a variety of conditions. These conditions include “the treatment of back pain, neck pain, joint pain of the arms or legs, headaches and other neuro-musculoskeletal complaints.” This allows you to avoid the addictive and potentially life threatening results of taking prescription drugs including opioids or going under the knife for surgery.

What Should I Do After an Auto Accident?

Man with cell phone calls chiropractor after an auto accident

Contact Jeranek Family Chiropractic at 262-694-7833 to schedule an appointment as soon as you can after an auto accident. We will perform a full-body examination and look into any signs of traumatic injury. For instance, we can identify any signs of inflamed, torn muscles in your neck and start treatments for whiplash immediately even if you don’t have whiplash right now. 

By identifying any injuries you have immediately after an injury, you are also more likely to be covered by any applicable insurance coverage for your treatment. Most auto insurers only cover treatment sought out within a short period of time after an injury. Verify your time limit just to be on the safe side.

Choose the Top Auto Accident Injury Doctor in Kenosha, WI

Contact Dr. Janet Jeranek, our auto accident injury doctor in Kenosha, WI to schedule your appointment now. We are ready to work with you after your auto accident so to set you on the fast track to all-natural health and wellness.

Chiropractic care has no downtime—unlike surgery and drug therapies. You don’t have to recover from seeing a chiropractor. Start your journey to no pain after your auto accident by calling (262) 694-7833 for your free comprehensive chiropractic consultation at Jeranek Family Chiropractic.

How Do I Seek Treatment After a Car Crash in Kenosha

The team at Jeranek Family Chiropractic stands side by side

The first step after a car crash in kenosha is to seek recovery from your Auto injuries is to make an appointment with Jeranek Family Chiropractic. During your initial visit, your chiropractor may want to take x-rays to determine the extent of the injuries in your neck and/or spine. Keep in mind that you may not notice the symptoms of these types of injuries, so it is important to consider having an x-ray. If you are experiencing indicators of whiplash, such as headaches, blurred vision and neck and shoulder pain, it is important to not assume these symptoms are mild will go away on their own. Whiplash include muscle injuries, ligament problems, disc damage and resulting spinal misalignment.

A car accident can wreck your life dreams and compromise your health for a long time. Chiropractic care represents hope where painkillers and traditional medications fail in the treatment of car injuries. This type of therapy involves manual adjustments of the vertebra and spine to fast track auto accident recovery. An Auto Accident Doctor can help you with a wide range of car injuries and save you from surgeries and years of dependency/ addiction to pain meds.

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If you have been in an automobile accident and you believe you have injuries resulting from the accident, scheduling an appointment with Dr. Janet Jeranek in Kenosha, WI is the first step to your recovery. 

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