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Back Pain Treatment From Dr. Janet Jeranek, Our Chiropractor in Kenosha

Back pain is something almost everyone can relate to. It's the second most common reason that send's people to their doctor's office, and worldwide it is lower back pain that causes the most disabilities, and it's estimated that 8 out of ten people will suffer from back pain in their lives. But what back pain means for an individual can vary considerably. At Jeranek Family Chiropractic, our chiropractor in Kenosha looks closely at each patient's symptoms and determines their cause and then can begin immediately correcting the cause of each patient’s pain. We have given many patients their quality of life back to the point that a lot of our patient's do not need a walker or a cane to walk any more.

Back pain treatment in Kenosha, WI.

Upper and Lower Back Pain Causes in Children and Adults

Back pain can often be traced to a single event or accident such as sports injuries, car crashes, slip and falls. But simple things trigger injuries too, such as bending over incorrectly, stress, repetitively or for prolonged periods of time, twisting, sleeping on your stomach, or even texting too much. Statistics have shown, people with arthritis, poor posture, are overweight, or under psychological stress are also more likely to experience back pain.

The reasons for upper back pain and lower back pain can vary somewhat, and those reasons can affect your treatment. Most upper and lower back pain is caused by joint dysfunction, muscular weakness or overly tight on one side compared to the other pain, which causes vertebrae to slip out of place and cause nerve pressure, which then causes pain. Due to upper and lower back muscles being large, they are more prone to having imbalances occur from side to side when improperly used, overused or even under used, which can occur for many reasons.

Reasons for Upper Back Pain

Some of the more common causes of upper back pain include

  • Sudden injury or trauma,
  • Computer work
  • Texting
  • Auto injuries
  • Chronic, regular strain
  • Poor posture
  • Slumping and slouching
  • Sports
  • Yard work
  • Blunt force to the back
  • Heavy lifting
  • Stomach sleeping
  • Prolonged sitting, bending or twisting
  • Repetitive overuse trauma
  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Disc problems

Reasons for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can also be triggered by acute trauma, degeneration or overuse. Dr. Jeranek thoroughly evaluates each patient to determine the cause of each patient’s lower back pain, which is often because of vertebrae misaligning and causing added pressure to the nerves. If a lower back problem is left for too long, degeneration can happen to the spinal joints and disc problems can occur, which are often more serious and need to be evaluated right away. If a vertebrae misaligns enough, it can cause a herniated disc, which often causes significant nerve pressure, and pain. Discs in the spine are intended to work as shock absorbers, when they are out of place, the result can be dysfunction and pain. Health conditions such as osteoarthritis also frequently contribute to low back pain. Diseases such as problems with kidneys, infections can also lead to lower back pain, which Dr. Jeranek will rule out before she treats any lower back conditions.

Why Does My Kid's Back Ache?

It is estimated that 10-30% of children experience back pain during the course of a year. Many parents believe that back pain should not happen to a child, and it would seem that it should be an ailment reserved for adults, but there are many reasons why kids experience back pain. Chiropractic testing and treatments for children are important because their bodies are growing and developing. Dr. Jeranek knows how important it is to determine whether a back ache is the sign of something more serious.

Among the most common are as follows:

  • Increased weight of school bags
  • Higher rate of overweight and obese children
  • Constant pain
  • Pain that persists more than a few weeks
  • Pain in a very young child
  • Pain that awakens a child from sleep
  • Pain that moves into the leg
  • Other illness symptoms, such as fever, chills, or weight loss

At Jeranek Family Chiropractic, we ask plenty of questions before treating you or your child in order to figure out how much support from their pediatrician or family doctor is necessary.

How a Kenosha Chiropractor Provides Back Pain Treatment

Dr. Janet Jeranek utilize many methods at Jeranek Family Chiropractic in order for, our Kenosha chiropractor, to figure out the cause of your condition, and the best course of corrective treatment. After performing a complimentary consultation, we determine which service or services make most sense to most effectively correct the cause of your spinal problems. In addition to corrective chiropractic care, utilize many physiotherapy techniques including corrective exercises, posture corrective, disc rehabilitation, muscle techniques, whirlpool therapy, and traction, all which help correct the cause of your symptoms. Dr. Janet Jeranek also provides you with lifestyle and nutritional advice. If your child is having pain or dysfunction, we can explain our corrective chiropractic treatments and advise what you can do to support their healing and rehabilitation process.

Just because back pain is common doesn't mean that it is normal and you should not bear it any longer, Contact Jeranek Family Chiropractic in Kenosha, WI at (262) 694-7833 to schedule an appointment today.

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