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Convenient New Patient Center at Our Chiropractor in Kenosha

As a new patient at Jeranek Family Chiropractic, one of your top priorities is probably making the "getting started" process as quick and easy as possible. To help you with this process, Jeranek Family Chiropractic has created a new patient center. In this new patient center, Kenosha WI area patients will be able to request an appointment online, give details about their condition or concerns, complete forms electronically, and get additional information about chiropractic care.

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By using the new patient center, it's possible for patients to get in quickly. 

What Type of Care do you need From Our Chiropractor in Kenosha?

As a leading Chiropractor in Kenosha, Jeranek Family Chiropractic is well known for providing customized Corrective Chiropractic Care with a high patient satisfaction. During your Initial Free Consultation with Dr. Janet Jeranek, will devise and discuss what type of care plan she recommends to correct the cause of your pain and discomfort and how it will be implemented for your specific needs.

In addition to specific Corrective Chiropractic Adjustments, she utilizes various physiotherapy treatments such as Therapeutic Exercises, Whole Body Vibration, Whirlpool, Low Level Laser, Electrical Muscle Stimulation, Neuro-muscular Re-education, Spinal Traction, Disc Decompression and Extremity Adjustments to restore your health and get your life back! 

Jeranek Family Chiropractic has a specific corrective non-invasive care plan for nearly any problem or condition.

Jeranek Family Chiropractic is a Kenosha, Wisconsin Corrective Chiropractic practice run by Dr. Janet Jeranek.

For more than 30 years, Jeranek Family Chiropractic has worked to establish a reputation for providing expert skilled and very effective structural rehabilitative care. Dr. Jeranek and the Jeranek Family Chiropractic care providers stay up to date on all the latest in chiropractic advances to offer the best in care for all patients.

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We offer a Good Faith Estimate to our patients.

Call Dr. Janet Jeranek TODAY!  Free Initial Consultation and Nerve Scans.

Dr. Janet Jeranek and the Jeranek Family Chiropractic team are well known for their compassionate, friendly, and Corrective Chiropractic approach to patient care. Patients are always treated like valued members of the family at Jeranek Family Chiropractic. 

We help our patients achieve freedom from pain, and restore full function, proper posture, and optimal total wellness with a high patient satisfaction. 

Use the new patient center to get started or Call 262-694-7833 TODAY!

Sign-up using the form or call us at 262-694-7833. We accept Insurance plans such as Medicare, Medicare Supplements and most others.


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