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Why Your Entire Family Needs Chiropractic Care

To people who think of chiropractors only as people who help eliminate backaches, the idea of needing a "family chiropractor" may seem more than a little strange. However, it turns out that these professionals can do plenty for children and even babies! Here are some of the ways an office like Jeranek Family Chiropractic in Kenosha, WI helps the entire family:

Husband and Wife playing with their child outside.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Children

Child getting chiropractic treatment

Kids in grade school or beyond benefit from chiropractic care in a surprising variety of ways. One of the most notable is ear infection relief. While spinal manipulation won't get rid of the actual infection, it can help the ear drain the pus-filled fluid that is often the source of the most pain. Involuntary spasms of the infected ear canal can cause retention of this fluid, and careful spinal manipulation typically allows it to be released.

The current epidemic of ADD and ADHD can also be tamed with chiropractic care. Studies are showing that proper spinal alignment can help with these conditions, likely by improving transmission between neurons.

Chiropractic care can also strengthen the immune system in general. This means fewer colds and flu and an improved response to allergens.

Children from grade-school age on up like to play hard, and this can result in injuries to the back and limbs. These injuries may not always be obvious since kids have so much energy that they can sometimes power through a fairly large amount of pain, physical inefficiency, and other such problems. However, these issues should still be found and treated right away. That way, they won't cause problems once the child gets older and his or her body is no longer as able to ignore imperfect functionality.

How Can a Chiropractor Help an Infant?

This is surely a question on the minds of anyone who hasn't taken a baby to see Dr. Jeranek. The answer is simple: spinal manipulation can relieve the crying associated with colic. Both the infant and his or her parents will be glad to be able to sleep at night instead of being kept awake by constant crying.

Adult Chiropractic Services

We've discussed some of the ways that we can help children, but a true family chiropractic center doesn't abandon patients once they grow up! We can help you get rid of back pain, assist in whiplash recovery, and get your joints in your limbs back in order. Typically, we use multiple therapy types, including spinal re-alignment, decompression, soft tissue treatments, and more.

To get set up with your new family chiropractor in Kenosha, just give us a call at (262) 694-7833. We'll be glad to get you started with the family chiropractic care that will keep you all healthy through the years.

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