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Dr. Jeranek Answers Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic Care

Kenosha Chiropractor Adjusts Patient with Back Pain

Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic Care From Our Kenosha Chiropractor: Dr. Jeranek 

Have you been hearing amazing stories from your friends and colleagues about the benefits they've received from a chiropractor? If so, you may be wondering what chiropractors do-- and whether it could offer the same benefits to your and your loved ones. Take a look at the answers to some frequently asked questions on this subject from our Kenosha chiropractor, Doctor Janet Jeranek who has been in practice for over 24 years at Jeranek Family Chiropractic.

  • What is chiropractic? Chiropractic is a term derived from the Greek for "done by hand." The most traditional form of chiropractic care, Diversified Technique, is still done by hand, although instrument-based techniques are now also used. It is a non-invasive form of musculoskeletal manipulation that corrects joint position and spinal alignment. Chiropractors perform adjustments that can normalize joint function, relieve strain from soft tissues, and improve nerve signaling throughout the body. Our Chiropractor, Doctor Jeranek, uses a variety of techniques depending on what the patient needs.
  • What conditions/injuries are treated with chiropractic? Our chiropractor prescribes chiropractic adjustments for a wide range of injuries and conditions. These include whiplash, neck pain, back pain, sciatica, headaches/migraines, degenerative disc disease and joint diseases, knee pain, shoulder pain, and acute auto/sports/workplace injuries. Our Chiropractor, Doctor Jeranek, at our Kenosha clinic can use chiropractic to combat both acute conditions and chronic pain syndromes. Doctor Jeranek takes the time to thoroughly explain your condition and how chiropractic can help your specific conditions.
  • How is chiropractic combined with other forms of care? Chiropractic care naturally complements other conservative care techniques such as corrective exercises, orthotics, and physiotherapy. For instance, if you have a spinal misalignment related to an injury or congenital abnormality, Doctor Jeranek, at our clinic may prescribe a combination of spinal adjustments, corrective exercises to strengthen or rehabilitate your back, physiotherapy to soothe damaged or strained muscles, and/or orthotics to correct foot imbalances that are contributing to back pain, neck pain, or any other conditions you may experience pain from.
  • How can chiropractic help keep me well? Periodic spinal checkups from your Chiropractor and incremental adjustment sessions can help ensure that your body is always operating as it should -- and not only in terms of joint function. Chiropractic adjustments that take pressure away from nerves and nerve roots can help your body communicate with its many internal systems more effectively. This can help you ward off systemic issues such as high blood pressure, asthma, allergies, pediatric health complaints (such as ear infections and colic), digestive problems, infertility and other issues. When you visit our Kenosha Chiropractor, you will receive an evaluation to determine any other issues that Chiropractors can help with.
  • Does a chiropractic adjustment hurt? Except for the most extreme or severe alignment problems, a chiropractic adjustment should cause no noticeable pain, although a bit of post-adjustment soreness is normal (and temporary). You're more likely to experience relief from the pain you're currently experiencing! Our Kenosha Chiropractor ensures that each visit our patients have in our Kenosha office contributes to increased wellness and less pain.
  • Is chiropractic safe? When administered by a skilled, trained chiropractor, like Doctor Jeranek, chiropractic adjustments are quite safe -- in fact, they're shown to be one of the safest forms of conservative treatment you can experience. That's why Chiropractors are able to perform adjustments on seniors, pregnant women, and small children. Even some newborn infants can benefit from seeing a Chiropractor. You might hear a popping or cracking sound at some point, but don't let that worry you. This effect, referred to as cavitation from Chiropractors, is simply the sound of trapped gases escaping from the adjusted joints.
  • How many treatments do I need? Again, this question hinges on what kind of condition we're treating and how severe the condition is. But as a general rule, corrective treatment varies and several sessions are prescribed to make sure you're getting the maximum benefits from your visits with our Kenosha Chiropractor. The adjustments need time to "take," settling in and establishing themselves as the rest of the body adjusts to them -- even if you experience partial or total pain relief in that first session, correcting the root causes of a condition goes beyond taking care of the initial pain. If you have a chronic, irreversible condition such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, you may find ongoing chiropractic adjustments from our Chiropractor to serve your needs ideally as a safe, drug-free pain management routine here in Kenosha.

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Now that you know more about the many benefits Doctor Jeranek, a Chiropractor in Kenosha, maybe it's time you took the next step by scheduling an initial consultation and treatment session for yourself or a member of your family. Call Jeranek Family Chiropractic today at (262) 694-7833 to talk to our Kenosha Chiropractor and her team to arrange a visit. You'll have a chance to discuss how our Chiropractor can help you, in depth and to get all the answers to any remaining questions you may have regarding your particular condition. Call Today

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  • "My problems started two years ago and I couldn’t walk, I was stuck on a walker, almost bent in half. Dr. Jeranek has helped me very much. I feel better, I walk better, straighter, and without a walker, it’s a night and day difference. I would highly recommend seeing her."
    Myrna J. (female 82)
  • "I had a sore lower back for about a year and sore knees for about 4-5 years before I started seeing Dr. Janet Jeranek. Dr. Jeranek’s rehabilitative Chiropractic care has significantly improved my back pain and both my knees have shown very little pain lately. I am very happy that I can do all of my normal activities with more flexibility with very little pain."
    Ralph M. (Male 75)
  • "I am a semi truck driver and the seat bounces me around. The MRI showed that I messed up my discs in my lower back, I have been suffering from lower back pain for years. I started noticing numbness, tingling, and weakness in my left leg a few weeks ago. So I called Dr. Jeranek and she got me in right away. Now I am feeling great with not leg tingling, weakness, or numbness. Give her a try, you will be glad you did!"
    David B (Male 50)